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What is Avocargo?

Avocargo offers e-cargo bikes in sharing. With the Avocargo app, you can rent a e-cargo bike near you at any time. Whether for your shopping, the transport of children, a trip with the dog or for the transport of the hardware store purchases: Avocargo offers you flexible access to electric cargo bikes at any time.

Where is Avocargo available?

At the moment we are only available in our business area in Berlin.
A detailed overview of our constantly growing business area can be found here. Take a look right now!
Please write us an email via if you would like to have Avocargo in your city as well.

Who can use Avocargo?

Avocargo can be used by anyone over the age of 16. No driver's license is required.

What do I need to be able to rent an Avocargo?

To use an Avocargo, all you need is an activated user account in the Avocargo app. iOS Android


How do I register for Avocargo?

Download the Avocargo app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and create a user account there. After entering your payment details, you can start riding your Avocargo straight away.

Can business customers use Avocargo?

For commercial use, please send an email to

How much does it cost to register for Avocargo?

You can register with Avocargo for free.

What payment methods are there?

Currently, you can pay by credit card.

Where do I change my personal and payment details?

In the Avocargo app you can view and change your personal data and payment data.

Can I promote my friends?

When your friends register in the Avocargo app, they can redeem your discount code and you will both receive 5€ each. Here's how to get the discount code: •Open the Avocargo app and click on "Refer your friends and get 5€" in the menu bar.
•Share your code directly via Whatsapp, mail, message, etc. Once your friends have redeemed your discount code during their registration, you and your friend will automatically be credited the 5€ to their personal account.


How do I lock my Avocargo?

Use the existing chain lock and attach your Avocargo to a fixed object. You connect the loose end of the chain to the metal bracket of the frame lock. To lock the chain, please insert the end of it into the side of the frame lock. Only when you have properly secured the lock, you can pause or end the rental in the Avocargo app.
Please also close the PVC cover by zipping it back up

Where can I go with my Avocargo?

You can go anywhere with Avocargo, of course also outside the business area. To end the rental, however, you have to be in the business area. You can see the business area in the map view of the Avocargo app.

How do I pause my ride?

To pause your avocargo during a rental, park the Avocargo in a good place and simply use the existing frame lock to lock it.
If you want to leave your Avocargo unattended for a longer period of time, please use the existing chain lock to secure it additionally.

How far can I go with my Avocargo?

Basically you can drive as long as you want.
However, keep in mind that electrical assistance is limited. You can check the battery level on the on-board computer at any time.
We do our best to guarantee you a fully electric, special driving experience at all times. That's why we replace the batteries at night so that you can drive carefree during the day.
But if the battery should go empty during your journey, you can of course continue to drive with your own strength.

How do I open my Avocargo?

Unlocking works via the Avocargo app. Tap on "Unlock" when you are at your Avocargo and the digital lock will open and the chain will be released.

Can I reserve an avocargo in advance?

Of course, you can reserve your avocargo 15 minutes in advance for free. However, you can only reserve the Avocargo twice in a row.
After two reservations, you will not have access to the Avocargo bike for one hour, or you can rent it directly without a reservation.

Where can I park my Avocargo?

You can hand in and park your Avocargo in all public places within our business area. Please make sure that it is not in a driveway, in the middle of the sidewalk / bike path or in a no parking zone. The bicycles must not be in the way of pedestrians or road users.

When do I have to return my Avocargo?

With Avocargo you are not tied to any opening times. Therefore, you can end your rental at any time, 24 hours a week, within the business area.

What does a ride with Avocargo cost?

You can rent our cargo bikes for 1,90€ per 20 minutes.
The one-time unlock fee is 1€ and the registration and reservation (15 minutes) is free of charge.
We also offer hourly or daily packages. (From 120 minutes driving time is automatically charged in the hourly rate) More information on the pricing and all fees can be found here:

Operation & Security

I've never ridden a cargo bike before. What should I put attention on?

Actually, our avocargos ride like your own bike. After a few minutes you get used to the special handling characteristics. But especially when going around corners, you should be careful to drive slowly. A great thing about our Avocargos is that you can just sit at the traffic lights without having to put your feet on the ground. Take a little more time for your first ride to get used to the new driving experience and always drive carefully.

Is there an limit for the weight?

Yes, the maximum weight for the box is 80kg. A maximum load of 180kg including the driver applies to the entire cargo bike

Can I transport adults?

Yes, adults can also be transported with our Avocargo

Are there also helmets?

Unfortunately, we currently aren't able to provide helmets. Nevertheless, we definitely recommend that you wear a helmet when driving.

Is my Avocargo insured against theft?

Our Avocargos are generally insured against theft. Therefore, please make sure to properly lock your Avocargo with both locks (frame lock AND chain lock) on a fixed object when you end the rental. This way you are always on the safe side.

Is my Avocargo insured in the event of an accident?

As with normal cycling, the biker is liable for any damage. We therefore recommend private liability insurance that covers trips with e-bikes or pedelecs.

I had an accident. What should I do?

In the unlikely event of an accident, please contact the police immediately and also us.

I can't end my rental. What should I do?

Please ensure that you locked the vehicle to a fixed object using the frame lock and the chain provided. To do so, please push down the small leaver on the left side of the bike behind the saddle. To lock the chain, please insert the end of it into the side of the frame lock.

Only once the frame lock is closed, the Avocargo app will allow you to pause or end your rental.

Do I have to lock the bike with the chain?

Yes, for insurance reasons, our vehicles must be locked to a fixed object (bike rack, lamp post,..) using the frame lock and the chain provided.

Please make sure that on the photo you provide at the end of your rental it is clearly visible the vehicle is locked safely.

How do I turn on the lights?

If you drive at night, switch on the light. To do this, press and hold the "On/Off" button for 1 second.

How do I turn on the motor?

Press "O" to switch on the electric assistance.

How do I adjust the electric support level?

Press + or - to adjust the strength of the support.

How do I release the handbrake?

Pull firmly on the left brake lever to release the handbrake.

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