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E-Cargobike Sharing, Elektrisches Lastenrad Verleih, E-Lastenrad Sharing Berlin

Avocargo and Friends 

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Our Partners in Berlin

Riding a cargo bike is great fun. And it gets even better when you have great partners that support you and bring your Avocargo experience to the next level.

Bio Company
E-Cargobike Sharing, Elektrisches Lastenrad Verleih, E-Lastenrad Sharing Berlin
BIO COMPANY will cover 45 minutes of your Avocargo trip
  • Shop for a minimum value of 30 Euro

  • Send us the BIO COMPANY invoice to

  • We deduct 6.70 euros from your Avocargo receipt

BIO COMPANY has become an institution for local Berliners with its full range of regionally sourced organic products. The sustainable supermarket offers an enormous selection of fresh products in the best possible quality

This discount applies to all BIO COMPANY stores in Berlin. 

Der Holländer will cover 1 hour of your Avocargo trip
  • Shop for a minimum value of 70 Eur

  • Send us the Der Holländer receipt to

  • We will deduct 8,60 Euro from your Avocargo receipt

Der Holländer Pflanzencenter has been offering a wide variety of plants and accessories for more than 25 years. Besides plants and competent advice, you’ll find everything your green thumb desires!

Located within our city business area, you can find der Holländer at Treptower Park - they are already looking forward to your visit. 

Getränke Hoffmann will cover 15 minutes of your Avocargo trip
  • The minimum shopping value at Getränke Hoffmann must be 29 Eur

  • Send us the Getränke Hoffmann receipt to

  • We will deduct 2,90 Euro from your Avocargo receipt 

At Getränke Hoffmann you will find a large selection of beer, wine and assorted soft-drinks. No matter what your taste or your needs, you will always find exactly what you need at Getränke Hoffmann 

This discount applies to all locations in Berlin. 

Eligible trips must be active or begin during or within 30 minutes of purchase (date and time of receipt). Receipts must be submitted in full by email no later than 3 days after the end of the rental period. Only one partner invoice can be submitted per rental.

Want to become a partner? 

If you would like to become part of our partner program or know someone who you would like to take advantage of our partner program, send us an email with your request or desired partner and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
Partner werden

Goodbye Avocargo

Hello you,

as of April 3d 2023, Avo Mobility GmbH has stopped operation of its sharing service in Berlin and Munich.

Thanks for supporting us in making our cities better.

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