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Here is your chance to name an Avocargo bike!

Avocargo is about bringing what and most importantly who you want with you. Tell us who should ride with you and one of the 100 new Avocargo bikes may be named after them.

How it works:

  • Suggest a name

  • Tell us why an Avocargo bike deserves that name

  • Add your contact details

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Klara with K

Klara with K is an activist at Fridays for Future, where she regularly stands on the streets during strikes and fights for a better climate policy. Cargobikes are indispensable, especially for walking or cycling demonstrations, as they are needed to transport posters, technical equipment or loudspeaker systems. 

Therefore, the Avocargo bikes are a great support and help for Klara during upcoming strikes and demos, which is why one of the new Avocargo bikes is called Frida, because it is Klara's chosen name.

Here you can find the full story of Klara with K


Helen & Taco

For Helen and Taco, the Avocargo bike is a great relief in their everyday life. Since Taco is a street dog, trips by public transport are somewhat difficult. Everyday shopping, visits to friends, or trips to the countryside can lead to stressful situations.

That's why Helen is happy to have found a flexible and stress-free alternative. Of course, one of the new Avocargo bikes was named after Taco, who now always sits happily in the wind with fluttering ears during the rides. 

Here you can find the full story of Helen and Taco


Roni has been working at the workspace Unicorn Berlin for a few years now. Besides his job at Unicorn in the café as a barista, he takes care of the preparation of events, compliance with house rules and taking care of the plants.

Especially at events, Roni has to independently transport a large number of drinks and empties back and forth again and again.

But by transporting them on the Avocargo bike, Roni has found a comfortable way to make his work a little easier, which is why Roni has named his Avocargo bike "Unicorn". 

Here you can find the whole story of Roni

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Goodbye Avocargo

Hello you,

as of April 3d 2023, Avo Mobility GmbH has stopped operation of its sharing service in Berlin and Munich.

Thanks for supporting us in making our cities better.

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