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Hello Kreuzberg📍

We are growing! From now on you can also find our practical e-cargobikes in Kreuzberg.

With 100 brand new additional bikes and an expanded business area with a total coverage of 34km², you have the opportunity to discover new exciting corners in Berlin.

From playing in the pool at Spreewaldplatz, picnicking in Viktoriapark, or strolling around in Bergmannkiez - Kreuzberg has a lot to offer for everyone! 

We hopped on an Avocargo for you and took a day trip through Kreuzberg on a beautiful spring day. 


Below you can find the full story with our tips and highlights of the best activities and spots in Kreuzberg. 

You have friends or family in Kreuzberg?
Recommend Avocargo and you and your loved ones will each receive 5€ Avocargo credit. 


A day in Kreuzberg


Short stop at the Oberbaumbrücke

It's the weekend and the sun is shining - spring is here!
What could be better than a trip with Avocargo through Kreuzberg? 

We start our tour in Friedrichshain and make a spontaneous stop at the Oberbaumbrücke on our way to Kreuzberg. A perfect spot to admire the flowering cherry trees and boats in the sun, passing the "most beautiful bridge of Berlin".


Snack time at BIO COMPANY

We continue with a stop at BIO COMPANY in the Wrangelkiez to get some food for our picnic in the afternoon. At our partner, you can get a large selection of fresh food. And the best, BIO COMPANY will cover 40 minutes of your Avocargo rental.​ Find out more here.

Picnic in Görlitzer Park

What you definitely shouldn’t miss is an extended picnic in Görlitzer Park, when the weather is sunny.

Picnic blanket left at home? No problem!
The Avocargo-Bike offers space for two, so we enjoy a midday snack inside the transport box and watch the park visitors playing frisbee and sunbathing.


Coffee time in the market hall

What is missing after a delicious lunch? Of course coffee and cake!


Luckily, the Markthalle Neun is not far away and we are just in time to catch the best cake.

From the wide range of food and drinks, we choose our favorites and enjoy the treats at our regular spot on the Admiralbrücke. 

Sundowner on the Tempelhofer Feld

Tempelhofer Feld is just a short drive away from Admiralbrücke, so we still make it there in time for the beautiful sunset. Between families, skateboarders, and bike enthusiasts, there is enough space for everyone to enjoy this play of colors with their loved ones. 

Our exciting day trip ends and we make our way back home.


Our business area

Our Avocargo bikes are available in Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte and Kreuzberg.
You can ride it wherever you want - only to end the rental period the Cargobike has to be parked again as usual in the business area.


Goodbye Avocargo

Hello you,

as of April 3d 2023, Avo Mobility GmbH has stopped operation of its sharing service in Berlin and Munich.

Thanks for supporting us in making our cities better.

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